Flamenco Louisville Weekly Classes:

Summer Residency at AmboDance Theatre

812 Clarks Lane in Louisville, KY


6:00 - 8:30 pm

Company Class and Conditioning


6:30-7:30 pm

Abanico (fan) Technique


7:30-8:15 pm

Intermediate Castanets



6:30-7:30 pm  


Introduction to Flamenco Dance



5:30 - 7:30 pm

Company Class and Conditioning



11:00 am – 12:15 pm


Intermediate Technique


  • Class cost $15/hour (1.25 hours = $19; 45 minutes = $11) 

  • Payable to the teacher (cash, check – or Venmo if specified)

  • Class Registration Form:  click here


Beginning Flamenco Dance

This class will introduce flamenco fundamentals for dance: braceo - the movement of the upper body and arms; zapateado - footwork; palmas - rhythmic hand clapping; structure - the way to sequence movements to communicate with your live musicians.  Live guitar and singing accompany your class as you learn this uniquely Spanish artform in a supportive environment.  Ages teen and up, no previous dance experience necessary.  Note: flamenco is a dance form of personal expression for women and men; it is NOT a partnered dance form.

Instructor: Diana: didodi67@yahoo.com


Intermediate Castanets

Castanets as Music and for Choreography: Multiple patterns will be developed to accompany a set piece of music por Fandangos.  We will culminate in a full choreography that may be danced and/or accompanied while standing and playing. Command of ta, pi and riyah in compas is required (even if the riyah is not perfect every time).  Note: choreography is a continuation of a previous class schedule already in progress.

Diana: didodi67@yahoo.com


Abanico (Fan) Technique

Increase your comfort and skill utilizing the Spanish fan while dancing.  We will learn fan technique with movement and a special version of Sevillanas utilizing the fan.  Familiarity with standard Sevillanas choreography required.

Paula: collinspaula86@yahoo.com

Intermediate Repertoire

Develop your speed and strength!  We will drill footwork and learn marcajes, remates and more movement vocabulary for improvisation around flamenco structure for many different palos.  Live guitar accompaniment.  Zoom option available with permission of instructor. 

Grace: goshgollygrace@gmail.com

812 Clark’s Lane is near the intersection of Eastern Pkwy and Preston Hwy. 

The studio space is on the second floor accessed from the outdoor stair located on the left of the building. There is free parking available in front of the building and in the gravel lot to the left.


COVID 19 is still a serious threat especially for unvaccinated and immuno-compromised people.  Vaccination is required for all students and instructors to safely engage in vigorous activity in the studio environment.

Proof of vaccination may be required before entering the studio for  the first time.