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Flamenco can take place in a family gathering, in a small informal club like a bar or restaurant, and on a theatrical stage.  In this clip, you can enjoy a video of a performance by Flamenco Louisville that took place on stage at Berea College.  The flamenco song form or "palo" performed here is Tangos - the same palo you learn in this series of videos.

Members of Flamenco Louisville share flamenco fundamentals to create a short choreography & musical piece you can perform at home, accompanying the instructors. You'll learn:  palmas (rhythmic hand-clapping), marcajes (marking steps), golpes (striking the floor with your foot) and more. Flamenco is a collaborative artform - this virtual offering is a great option for parent/child or sibling collaboration, with each individual taking a different role, supporting each other as the musician or the dancer.

In 7 short videos, learn the building blocks of a flamenco dance. 
In video #8, we put it all together with music.

Now that you have learned the different parts of a flamenco dance, let's put it all together!  You will start with PALMAS, then do a LLAMADA, when the singing begins you will do your MARKING STEPS, then another LLAMADA, then your ZAPATEADO (footwork), another LLAMADA, then SALIDA and CIERRE.


Share video of yourself dancing along, and make sure you share it with us on Facebook or Instagram and @FlamencoLouisville !

Appropriate for ages 5 and up!

Arts & Culture Disciplines:

Music - Instrumental

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